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  • How does the DesCap clean the air I breathe?
    The DesCap cleans breathing air using effective filter technology. The incoming air is cleaned and directed in front of the face.
  • Does the DesCap also protect me from other health risks besides Covid-19?
    Yes, the DesCap filtering protects against all types of viruses, bacteria, fungi, spores, Covid-19 and its mutations.
  • What is the Preferred Partner Program of DesCap GmbH
    The DesCap GmbH Preferred Partner Program is aimed at all business customers who want to secure exclusive benefits in the early phase of the product life cycle. Companies have the opportunity to secure up to 10 DesCaps from the first series.
  • How can I get in touch?
    You can contact us at any time using the contact form or the DesCap chat. Please contact Ole Mestemacher by phone only: 015206304231
  • How and where can I order DesCaps?
    Various sales channels are planned for the DesCap Public product. The product is currently only available to our Early Bird customers. How come? The Early Bird program gives our customers an exclusive advance advantage when ordering DesCaps. They have the one-time opportunity to order up to 10 DesCaps with an exclusive discount of 30%. The proceeds will be used to finance the ramp-up phase of production. So you are helping to bring the DesCap to life and at the same time protecting yourself and your employees. To do so, please contact us via our Preferred Partner Portal or call us.
  • Do I still need a medical mask when wearing the DesCap?
    The DesCap was developed with the intention of protecting the wearer and offering a much higher level of comfort than other ventilated personal protective equipment. Whether the DesCap can be considered a replacement for a classic medical mask depends largely on the currently applicable regulations. We ask that you always check these before use. We always recommend wearing a medical mask as an extension of personal protection.
  • How long does the DesCap Public battery last?
    The DesCap battery lasts up to 6 hours. The battery level can be read using an LED. In addition, when a critical charge level is reached, a warning signal is emitted to alert the wearer. The DesCap Public is charged using a USB-C cable.
  • Can DesCap Public be used outside of a medical setting?
    Wherever people come together, the DesCap protects its wearers. This means that the DesCap can be used in all areas of daily life where no medical device is required. Examples include: - Travel - Airports - Clinics and practices - Events - Measure, - in nursing and many other fields of application.
  • Can I wear glasses?
    The DesCap Public is designed so that you can wear glasses without any problems. The pads supplied with the DesCap Public can be individually adjusted to your head and can also be attached in such a way that wearing glasses is easy. We recommend that people who wear glasses always attach the face visor after putting on the DesCap in order to adjust the glasses frame again if necessary.
  • How much air flows in front of the face?
    The fan has an air flow rate of approximately 132 l/min, i.e. > 2 liters of purified air per second. The target air volume in front of the face is 0.5 l/s to ensure a sufficient amount of air in front of the face and at the same time avoid eye irritation caused by excessive air flow.
  • Can the DesCap be individually adjusted?
    The DesCap can be individually adjusted to your head. The headband supplied can be adjusted to fit your head circumference. The pads for sealing the sides of the head are supplied in three different sizes. This means there is a suitable pad for every head.
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